Recent News - No Bulldozers

To all of our supporters, interested community members, touring kayakers, oarswomen and oarsmen. Last week, the city and the NRRC agreed to take an extra month before anyone takes action in court or otherwise.  That is a wonderful outcome. It gives us all time to communicate and reflect. 

Over the past several days we have encountered a major misconception... "that the rowing club owns the building but the city owns the land."  Based on that statement a decision-maker might conclude that if the building was gone the rowing club would be gone.   

In fact, quite the opposite is true. The land was conveyed to the city in 1886 in a deed which contained the provision that the NRRC must remain on the land where it was then located and is now located. According to expert real estate counsel's advice, this constitutes a  legally enforceable covenant running with the land.

Having said that, our current structure is built like a rock. We'd like to keep it, improve it and maintain it in a place of honor among the city's historic structures.

New Rochelle Rowing Club
Board of Directors